Game of RESPECT!

You cannot force others to respect you, but you can change the game by starting to respect yourself.

Respect is perhaps the second most important thing after love that we need to offer each other if we are to live in a more prosperous and decent world. And it needs to be mutual. If we want to be understood and appreciated for who we are then we also have to accept others as they are. If we want a life surrounded by love and understanding, we have to be able to treat others with the same respect and dignity they give us.

Unfortunately, we are living in a world where this is rarely the case anymore. As much as we want to practice respect, we don’t always manage to do so. We too often let others treat us poorly and get away with it. We allow them to be part of our lives, put all our trust in them, only to get stabbed in the back. And all of a sudden , we realize that we are not getting treated the same way as we treat others. We understand that we are far from being respected and accepted for who we truly are.

Have you ever wondered why this do happen to us?

It is pretty simple;

We are the ones to be blamed when it comes to how others treat us because we are the ones who determine our own worth. And we often don’t realize this until it’s too late. Our own value depends wholly on us. We are responsible for how we see ourselves, with what level of respect we treat ourselves, and how much we love and care for ourselves.

Hence, when someone crosses our line with the thought that they would definitely get away with their actions, that is clear indication that we are doing something wrong. It is a bad sign that the relationship we have with ourselves is weak and we don’t give ourselves love and respect that we deserve.

We cannot force or make people respect us. This is a bitter truth. We cannot tell someone to treat us a certain way. They will do as they please and will likely treat us the same way we treat them, but mostly, they will treat us the same way we treat ourselves. They will love us with the same intensity as we love ourselves and care for us as much as we care for ourselves. Because this is the aura we have around us.

How ever we can stand our grounds and refuse to be treated poorly. We can confront them and decide to exclude them from your life. We can choose to avoid going anywhere near those who show us no respect.

Surround yourself with people who carry positive energy with them. This is always your choice. By Angela

The most crucial thing to remember in order to succeed is that we must start working by ourselves and our own self worth. And that is something that no one else can do for us but ourselves. Embrace what you are and start practicing self-love. Take control of your life by treating yourself with respect you deserve. Start changing your life inside out.

Published by Miss Angey

This is a Kenyan lady currently studying in Uganda.

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