Game of RESPECT!

You cannot force others to respect you, but you can change the game by starting to respect yourself. Respect is perhaps the second most important thing after love that we need to offer each other if we are to live in a more prosperous and decent world. And it needs to be mutual. If weContinue reading “Game of RESPECT!”


It’s so unfortunate that there are several myths that we accept and we have been accepting them as we grow up that can sabotage our hopes for success, joy and fullfillment later in life. Let us look these self limiting beliefs one at a time. The first and the worst is summarized in the feeling,Continue reading “DISSOLVE THOSE MYTHS.”


Blank Slate The Scottish philosopher David Hume was the first to propose the idea of the ‘tabula rasa’ or blank slate. This theory says that each person comes into the world with no thoughts or ideas at all, and everything that a person thinks and feels is learned from infancy onward. It is as thoughContinue reading “CHANGE YOUR THINKING”

Avoid negative thoughts.

Negative thoughts about ourselves steal our energy. We dedicate most of the time worrying about our deficiences and self criticism. As a result, we fail to concentrate on our goals and cannot believe in our destination. Sometimes we are so upset about our meaningless worries that we keep loosing focus on the goal all theContinue reading “Avoid negative thoughts.”

Who am I?

This is an essential question of humanity. Being unaware of who you’re I thing can be the most disgusting thing in the world. You’re not just a human being, you’re not just a son or a daughter, you’re not just what your name is, you’re not just what you’re profession is, but you’re somebody. SomebodyContinue reading “Who am I?”

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